Jazz Bands Montreal

Martin, the man behind JBM

Behind the Jazz Bands Montreal is Martin Gioani, the initiator of the project. Martin is an internationally known musician and pedagogue with his channel Youtube "Guitar Improvisation" which has more than 230,000 subscribers.

Martin is originally from France, where he studied music at a conservatory (specialized jazz), and where he learned with renowned teachers. He stayed 6 years in Paris where he was able to perfect his skills, as a musician on stage but also as a musician for weddings and corporate events.

The Jazz Bands Montreal is therefore a collective of musicians selected among the best musicians from Montreal and with whom Martin is used to playing with. You can feel confident when making selections from the band options suggested on this site. You can also contact Martin for more specific requests.

Martin avant un concert

Our ethic

The services we offer go beyond being excellent musicians. Here are the things we pride ourselves on.


Clients who use our services are often short of time and are sometimes stressed. Experience has shown us that listening carefully to our clients' needs is the guarantee of a successful event. As such, we pay careful attention to exchanges by email or telephone and to the clarity of the documents we provide. If we notice any possible oversights regarding your event we will offer solutions. We might even offer suggestions to enhance your event if you wish.


In the context of a wedding or a corporate event, all the details count. The musicians who will play at your event will be prepared, punctual, very well dressed, friendly and attentive to your requests. All the musicians who are in the collective follow these criteria.

Positive vibe

We accompany events with music to bring good positive energy, and we know how important it is for the guests. Our musicians perform with a smile on their faces, and a relaxed, playful. We understand that the energy we bring to your event makes a big difference. We are sure this is evident in the videos on this site.

High quality music

The musicians of Jazz Bands Montreal are among the best in the city. You will have excellent music for your, sure to please everyone, even the most discerning music connoisseurs among your guests.