Frequently asked questions

Answers to your questions

Here are the answers to the questions we often receive. If you cannot find the answers to your questions, contact us directly.

"What budget should I plan for?"   

The budget needed depends on several things, such as the number of musicians and the place where the event takes place. Our minimum rate for an event taking place in Montreal and for the duo formula is $1,300 (CAD). This includes two music sets of one hour each.

The price we ask includes the performance, travel costs, rehearsals (if any), sound system, and exchanges to define what you need to name only the main ones.

For an accurate estimate of the budget needed, we can send you a detailed quote. Contact us through the contact form, by phone or by email. The procedure is quick and simple.

"Should we book the group in advance?"   

Yes. Although we can play events on short notice (a few days), certain times of the year are in high demand and booking a group several months in advance is highly recommended.

Once the estimate has been made and the date chosen, we will ask you for a deposit of 25% of the amount, which will confirm the group's reservation for your event.

"When is the most opportune time to have a band play?"   

The most opportune time is often the cocktail party or the meal. Our music is perfectly suited to convivial moments where guests can chat while listening to good live music. For weddings there may also be pre-ceremony music, and specific song selections during the ceremony.

"I have trouble choosing a formula, there are too many choices"   

To choose the ideal formula, we suggest that you first choose the style of music that you like the most by watching our videos.

Then you can choose the number of musicians according to your budget. If you have a high budget, we strongly recommend options with 4 musicians or more, the sound of the group will be even better.

Finally, for the choice of musicians, many combinations are possible but some sound better than others, especially for small bands. Here are some bands of 2 or 3 musicians that sound good.

Gypsy jazz
- Duo: two guitars
- Duo: guitar and violin (or clarinet)
- Trio: two guitars and double bass
- Trio: two guitars and violin (or clarinet)
- Trio: guitar, double bass and violin (or clarinet)

- Duo: voice (or saxophone) and guitar (or piano)
- Duo: two guitars (or guitar and piano)
- Duo: guitar (or piano) and double bass
- Trio: voice (or saxophone), guitar (or piano) and double bass
- Trio: voice, saxophone and guitar

Other options are possible. If you have a specific request on this subject, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your ideas.

"I have a specific request, is that a problem?"   

On the contrary: we are used to specific requests. For example, you can ask us to play while strolling, or to play at very specific times, or to send a message to the guests: we will do it with pleasure.

"Can I count on you to make the guests dance?"   

The music we play is well-suited for elegant socializing, such as during a cocktail party or a dinner. We are able to accompany old style swing dancing, but we do not provide high energy dance parties and we don't primarily aim to get guests dancing.

If you would like a lively, louder band we can come in larger numbers, such as a Big Band. However, if you're looking for a band to get the guests dancing but they don't dance swing, Lindy Hop or Balboa, we suggest you contact a cover band. would be happy to help you find one.